CodeMode is a software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. CodeMode provides ”ad-hoc” software development services to support businesses scale up their digital capabilities in times of high demand, without the resources required to maintain large in-house engineering teams.

CodeMode believes in building partnerships with clients. CodeMode seamlessly integrates into their engineering teams by focussing on the clients’ existing processes and ensuring the highest standards of communication and transparency.

Our Founder

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) - Honours
Bachelor of Computer Science

Prageeth started his software career in Melbourne, at the University of Melbourne during is bachelors at the same university. Since then, Prageeth has worked in numerous industries (Travel, FinTech, Retail, Consultancy, Real Estate, etc) as a Senior Software Engineer.

Prageeth's experiences in working for businesses across multiple regions (Melbourne, London and Germany) and the skills he has aquired along the way have been vital to making CodeMode a success.

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