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CodeMode is a local, Australian software development company based in Melbourne.

We help our clients take new business ideas to market, build tailored solutions to enhance business processes, and scale up their digital capabilities.


Software Development

We are a Software Development company based in Melbourne, Australia.

CodeMode has an experienced and motivated team that helps you take your business to the next level in the digital space. We can help you regardless of whether you're looking for a custom mobile app, website, or simply advice.

That's not all! We can also help you improve traffic to your website, increase user engagement and enhance the digital footprint of your business.

Focused on UX / UI

We at CodeMode believe software needs to provide rich user expeirences, so we always try to validate user interfaces before building them.






Human Oriented

System Integrations

We know that every software needs to communicate to 3rd party systems during their digital journey. Software intergrations are like second nature to us.

Single Sign-On

We integrate our clients' products with many different types of authentication and security; from enterprise level access to social sign-on setups.

Payment Gateways / Banking

If you want to sell something online, you'll most likely need to worry about secure payment gateways. We know quite a few that we can recommend and help with.


Are you planning to setup an online shop? Or perhaps improve traffic to your existing store. We have experience with many online shopping (e-commerce) platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.

Booking Systems

Looking for a booking system in travel, hospitality, events, or any other industry? No matter how different they are, they all operate in a similar manner and we can help you setup.

Big Data

Do you want to monetize your data? Or perhaps integrate data from another business? Talk to us about what your next steps are.


Having a product out there is good, but analysing how your customers use the software is even better. We can help you get all that information, which will eventually help you make informed decisions.


You may have a system that contains a large volume of data. We can help you integrate with Search APIs, to find ways to convert that data to meaningful information.

Email / SMS

Email / SMS can be used for marketing purposes. They can also be integrated with your products to communicate (or notify) with your end users. It all depends on your particular needs, but we do have a few ideas to share too.

Chat / Support

Most products these days have integrted chat support or a help desk. Whether is a website or an app, we can get you started, so you can help your customers the right way.

...and much more

Mobile Apps

Are you interested in building a mobile app?
Come speak to us about which type of mobile app would suit your needs. Regardless of whether it's a Native app or a Hybrid app, we can help you.

iOS Apps
Android Apps
Windows Apps
Smart Watch Apps

Small Business Program

Are you a small business or a start-up?

We can help you get your feet off the ground. The team at CodeMode can guide you and advise you when it comes to digital. Speak to us and see how we can help your business grow digitally.

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